Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trip part 2...

As promised, below you will see Miss Grace really telling Mema something of utmost importance! Mema hung on her every word all weekend long. She called last night and was talking about all the things that Grace was saying while we were there. She is definitely hooked on that sweet little girl! But then, who isn't?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun weekend trip!

Wow, it's almost another weekend! Between traveling home on Monday instead of Sunday, a very slow computer, and a workshop all day on Wednesday, I am just now getting around to completing this post about our trip to Fort Worth.

Mike, Tanner, Grace and I left on Friday morning headed to Texas. We had not been to Mike's folks since April of 2008. Needless to say they were all ready to see Little Miss Grace! She traveled pretty well, thanks to the DVD player. She really only slept for about 45 minutes on the last leg of the trip. She doesn't have her paci anymore so it was not as easy for her to fall asleep. We made good time, though, and pulled into Mema and Papa's at about 3:00 p.m. Grace went to the door by herself, with Tanner around the corner, because Papa didn't know we were coming. He was very surprised to see that little girl at the door and at first didn't know who she was! It didn't take him long, though, and he was thrilled to see her. It was okay with him that we were there too, but she was the one he was really wanting to see.

Here he is just watching every move she made. He couldn't believe how big she had gotten and how verbal she was. She talked nonstop once she got comfortable in her surroundings!

There was a picture of her with Mema right here, but I accidentally deleted it! I will put it in another post later. She also was thrilled to see Miss Grace. She had seen her in February when she came up here for Grace's 2nd birthday but she was really ready to spend some more time with her. She, too, was amazed at how much she had grown and how much she was talking and making sense.

One of our all time favorite places to eat in Ft. Worth is Joe T. Garcia's. Mike craves it all the time, so I know we will eat there at least once any time we are in town. We went there for lunch on Saturday and it was just as good as it always is. Mema, Tanner, Mike, Brenda (Mike's sister), Grace and I stuffed ourselves to the hilt. Everything was fresh and hot! I had to send Taylor a picture of our table since she didn't go with us. She was not too thrilled!
After Joe T.'s, Brenda, Mema, Grace and I went to one of Brenda's friends and picked up their little girl who is the same age as Grace. We then went to Forest Park to ride the train. It was a lot of fun. The train was a little bigger than the one in Ft. Smith that Grace, Granny and I had ridden. The ride lasted for about 45 minutes and we saw some pretty scenery. Brenda was excited to be able to take Grace on the train. She remembered when she had taken Taylor and Tanner on the same one.

This is Audrey. She was more bashful than Grace at first, but she finally came around. Grace wanted to hold her hand and sit by her on the benches while we waited. She wouldn't even look at Grace at first. Grace couldn't quite understand why she wouldn't have anything to do with her. It was fun watching them interact. Grace is never around kids her own age. By the end of the train ride they were best friends and hugging each other. When we got Audrey back to her house she didn't want to go in! Don't they both have beautiful blue eyes?
Back at Mema and Papa's we had gotten popsicles from the ice cream truck. Grace obviously got a red popsicle! We stripped her down to panties and kept her outside and she had a ball.
When she finished it, Brenda got the water hose after her! She loved it, too. She loves the water as much or more than any kid I know. She stood still for a while and then she ran off. It was funny watching Brenda go after her with that hose.
On Sunday morning we left Ft. Worth headed for Lake Texoma to spend the day with Chadd, Jeannie and Brett. We met up with them at their boathouse. Immediately we put the life vest on Grace. I was a nervous wreck when we first got there. Grace is not really afraid of much and we were surrounded by water! They kept telling me that she was okay, even if she fell in her head wouldn't even go under water because of the design of the vest. She got pretty hot and kept wanting it off, but all in all she did pretty well. Jeannie got out the little fishing rods and let her fish right up there where we were sitting on the dock. She caught 2 almost immediately! She seemed to enjoy seeing them, but didn't really want to have much to do with them. Ranger, the dog, on the other hand was very interested in them!
After we snacked on some sausage stuffed peppers, we took off on the boat! Grace really enjoyed that. I was very nervous once again, trying to keep her still! We went off a ways and let the boat drift while Tanner, Jeannie, Brett, Chadd and Grace did some lake swimming! Tanner took very good care of his niece! The boat drifted quite a ways away and Chadd ended up going out to help bring Grace back. She was not so crazy about swimming with Chadd! It all worked out fine, though.
She did okay with Jeannie as long as she stayed close to the boat!
Tanner and Jeannie had to 2 seats at the front of the boat that they fish from so of course Grace wanted to be up there. She is pretty crazy about her Uncle T anyway, so she likes to be with him.
We had a great day at the lake! After our boat excursion we headed back to the boathouse for some delicious fajitas. When everyone had their fill we headed into Chadd and Jeannie's to spend the night. We were all pretty tired from the sun. On Monday morning we headed back to Arkansas! We stopped off in Alma to spend some time with Granny and then took Grace home. She didn't want to go home, she wanted to go to our house! We, however, were ready for her to go to her house! I love her dearly, but it was good to drop her at her house after having her for 4 days straight. I am reminded every time we have her for any length of time like that why we have our kids when we are younger!

We really did have a wonderful trip and I hope we get to have many more with her!!!