Friday, April 16, 2010

To new adventures...

This is my new adventure! I am a new consultant for Thirty-One and am very happy about it. I am still teaching, but needed a little something extra. I was exposed to this company sometime ago when I was blog hopping. I ordered a bag from an online party and really liked it. I hadn't heard any more about them until Taylor came in one day with a catalog. She was having a catalog show for one of her co-workers, Stephanie, who had just started selling it. So, naturally, I had to order something! It was not hard to find something that I wanted. Actually, I wanted it all! So, I decided that I liked it so well that I thought I could sell it, too. I signed up last week and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my consultant's kit so that I can get started. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do for you. We have some very good hostess gifts and benefits if you are interested. I am game for in-home parties, online parties or catalog shows. You can check out my website at the address on the card above or visit Thirty-One Gifts and look around. I am looking forward to many hours of fun in this new endeavor of mine!

Another adventure that we experienced this week was Grace's first pedicure!! We found these little kid pedicure chairs at Best Nails in Fayetteville.

Of course, Friday afternoon was probably not the best time to slip in without any appointments, but she sat there patiently waiting until someone got to her. She had a movie playing the whole time and Taylor and I were in the chairs beside her.
She didn't quite know what to think about the whole process. Her feet can be very ticklish at times, so it was funny watching her as they were scraping them. Then the hot towels came out. She didn't seem to think they were too hot for her!
This picture turned out a little dark, but now she is actually having the polish applied. While we were waiting on our chairs to become available, Taylor took her over to the polish to pick out the color she wanted. She went straight to lime green! Taylor managed to talk her out of that so she ended up with "shocking pink." It is bright, but it looks great on her little toes. She even has white flowers painted on both her big toes. Maybe Taylor will post a picture of the toes, she didn't take one with my camera.

We had a lot of fun getting pedicures together and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last time!