Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grace and Papa's new toy...

Pardon the photography, they were on the move, but Mike and Grace had a great time yesterday afternoon with the lawnmower and new red wagon. I got a real bargain on the wagon, $10.00, at the garage sale the police department had last weekend. Grace had played in it already while they were setting things up so Taylor knew she enjoyed it. Taylor was going to buy it, but then someone offered to give them one, so I bought it to have here. As soon as I told Mike about it he knew he was going to hook it onto the lawnmower and they were going to get busy! That is exactly what they did. He told me that I would probably have to walk along side of her when he first started up. Not necessary! She was happy as a lark and not one bit afraid of the noise.

He stopped just long enough for me to snap this picture, and as you can see, Grace was trying to make it go! She was rocking back and forth in the wagon. She was pretty funny.
I almost cut Mike's head off in this one, but it was hard to get a good enough angle to get good shots of both of them. I predict many hours of riding in the wagon behind the lawnmower. It is sure easier than pulling her by hand. I did a little of that before he hooked it up-I'm too old and out of shape to be pulling a wagon. The things we do for our grandkids!!

Grace spent the night with us last night so Taylor could finally go to a football game to see Colt march in the band. We always like it when she is here. We were actually in just after 10:00 last night. Grace sleeps with us when she is here so sometimes it makes for an interesting night, but last night, I think we all slept pretty well. I know I did!

We were up around 8:00 this morning and Mike made us a good breakfast of bacon, sausage and pancakes. It was yummy! He then went out to mow because he was planning to watch football this afternoon. I had scheduled an appointment for the second half of the massage that Tanner had given me for my birthday for 1:00 this afternoon. When it was over, Taylor and I had planned to do a little "shop looking". We did a little more than look! I have done some Christmas shopping, though, and am I glad about that! Taylor did some as well. Poor Taylor won't have much under the tree this year, but she is getting to start decorating their house. We really had a lot of fun. We really, really like Kirklands!!! When we finally finished at Kirklands, we headed to the mall. We were there for quite a while as well. We sort of like Lane Bryant, too.

We didn't leave the mall until almost 7:00! Of course, we didn't get started until a little after 2:00. Since we had gotten some pretty big stuff for Taylor's house it wouldn't fit in her car. I took her to pick up her car from Old Navy, which is where we started our shopping adventure, and then headed all the way out to her house to drop off her stuff. It was after 8:00 before I got home. It was a very fun day! Poor little Gracie was very tired, but she was good considering what we put her through. Taylor just sent me a text a few minutes ago and said that all her new stuff looked very pretty and Grace's new clothes all fit! I am so glad that Taylor now has Saturday's off!

Pretty tired myself, so I don't think I will be up much longer. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!