Friday, April 3, 2009

Catching up...

Where did the time go since I posted last? I cannot believe how time flies. I am glad in some ways and in others I wish it would slow down!

Anyway, my spring break was great! Grace and I spent most of it in Alma with Mom. We had a great time. We got the floor ordered for mom's kitchen and did some shopping for Grace. I'm sure that comes as a surprise! I am glad that it worked out so well for us to get to spend so much time in Alma. We got to see Granny Ima, Courtney, Aunt Rosie and Uncle Jim. Of course no trip to Alma is complete with out Pizza Parlour! We also ate lunch one day at Cheddar's in Ft. Smith. It was awesome. On Friday before we came home we had lunch at J & J's in Alma and it was turkey and dressing day. It wasn't mom's, but it was pretty good for restaurant dressing. We got back to Springdale around 2:30 that afternoon and played outside for a little while. Taylor picked Grace up about 8:30 I guess. She was really glad to see her baby girl!!

On Saturday I slept until about 12:45!! I love keeping Grace, but she does wear me out. I didn't realize how tired I was until I was able to sleep uninterrupted.

Late Saturday afternoon we started in on some indepth, unexpected spring cleaning. It was very much needed even though it was unplanned. You know how when you decide to do one thing it always leads to many other things. That is where we found ourselves. We accomplished quite a bit on Saturday evening and then finished up on Sunday. At least I thought we were finished until the weekend. When I came in from school on Monday afternoon, with Grace, I found that Mike had rented a carpet shampooer(sp) and had our bedroom dismantled! Our mattress was in the laundry room and other things were piled in various places. What a mess and with a 2 year old running around, no less! When he finished in the bedroom he said that we might as well get the high traffic areas in the den and living room while we still had soap and the equipment. So he did. It looks really good and we have gotten most everything back where it belongs.

We rearranged furniture in our bedroom and some of it in the den. They both look better and have opened up the spaces more. We have taken curtains down in both places and plan to replace them with new curtains, blinds or something. I am giving away the bedding and drapes from our bedroom and plan to get new. I also stripped the walls of all decorations so now I will have to get new ones! Darn the luck!! Taylor, get ready to help your old mom work on the bedroom now.

Now it is the weekend again. Cathy and Megan came in today from Georgia so Grace, Taylor and I will be traveling to Alma tomorrow afternoon to spend some time with them. They are very anxious to see Grace! (They haven't seen her since Christmas). Mom's new floor was put down today so I am looking forward to seeing it as well. It should be a fun weekend that will start with sleeping in tomorrow morning!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!