Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holidays are over...

Well, the holidays are over and it is back to work tomorrow! I wish I could say I was ready to go back, but I can't. Ready or not, though, here we go!

As I was reading blogs this afternoon I noticed that several had changed their backgrounds again, so of course I had to change mine as well. I only looked for about an hour before I decided on this one. I wrote down the names of some others that I may use at a later date. Do you like it?

While this holiday vacation was not a restful one, it was a fun one. My sister stayed with Mom until today, so I tried to spend as much time as possible with them. Last week I went down on Tuesday for the day and we had a great time. We picked up Granny Ima, met up with Johnny and Pat (my cousin and his wife) and went to Pizza Parlour in Alma for their buffet lunch. They have the best pizza around! We have pizza from there almost every time we are in Alma. After lunch, we loaded up and went sight-seeing. Johnny took us down memory lane. The weather was perfect and we saw things we hadn't seen in a long time. It was great! He took us to see Lake Fort Smith since it has reopened. As kids, we picnicked at that park and swam a lot. It looks nothing like it did then! The changes were amazing. It is a beautiful park, but kind of sad that we didn't recognize anything from our childhoods. I guess that's called progress!!

On Thursday, Cathy, Mom and Granny Ima traveled up the mountain to meet Taylor, Grace and me at Mimi's Cafe for lunch. It has become a favorite place of ours to eat. After we finished eating, Taylor, Grace and I did a little shopping and they went back to Alma.

Friday, I took Grace to Alma to spend one more night with Aunt Cathy. Cathy had made lasagne for lunch that day. (We did a lot of eating during this break.) She went and brought Granny Ima up for lunch with us. After we ate we just let Grace entertain us. She loves to be the center of attention!!

On Saturday, Cathy and I took Grace home and then went to a wedding. The wedding was one of the reasons Cathy stayed until today. Her best friend's youngest son was the one getting married. I decided at the last minute to attend the wedding with her. Am I ever glad that I did? It was a reunion with friends that I had not seen in many, many years. The wedding was beautiful and the fellowship was wonderful. What a great afternoon! Thanks Cathy for letting me go with you!

This morning, we left Granny's house about 7:30 and drove Cathy to Little Rock to catch her plane. Mom and I were back in Alma just before 2:00 and I left about 3:00 to come home. The trip down and back didn't seem like it took very long at all. By now, everyone should be home where they belong. Thanks Greg for letting Cathy stay in Arkansas for so long!!!

This should have us pretty well caught up for now. It was really a great holiday vacation! I hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful 2009!!!


Taylor said...

I like your background too!! Glad to know you're home safe from Alma.