Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a mess!!

I have definitely come to the conclusion that I would not have made a good pioneer woman! Our power went off on Tuesday morning about 5:30 and hasn't been since, except for a brief 7 minutes about 9:00 that morning. We had plenty of firewood so we were warm and we do have a gas cook stove so we could cook. But, it's hard to do much cooking by candlelight. Since we have a well, though, we didn't have much water. The pump works off electricity! We had drinking water in our cooler but no water for bathing or even flushing toilets. That is what got old!!

We would read during the day and then last night we were even reading by flashlight! It wasn't the easiest way to read, but at least it was something to do.

We had talked to Mom in Alma and she told us to come down. Yesterday we would have had a hard time making it to 540, but today we didn't really have much trouble. I called her about 10 and told her we were on our way. The first thing we did once we got here was to shower! I don't know when a shower ever felt so good.

The next thing I did was check the blog to see what was going on with the Stamps. What great news when I got on and saw them holding her and feeding her. Such a blessing!

After a bit, we were ready for lunch so Pizza Parlour here we come! It was awesome as always, sorry Geren's and Taylor!

We brought laundry with us, so Mike has been taking care of that! Surprise, surprise! I am just letting him handle it, too. He said he was just trying to impress Granny. Well buddy, impress away!!!

We snapped some pictures of the area where we live to share with you. They do not do it justice. I have never seen so much devastation! It will take quite a while to clean it all up. I am just ready for the power to be restored everywhere.

This was taken of the parking lot across from Baum stadium. Looks like they are getting ready to get busy!

The next two pictures are the road we took out. Trees are broken like this everywhere you look. Part of this road was down to one lane because of the trees fallen over it. It was still pretty icy, too. I'm glad that Mike was driving!

The next two are trees in our yard. That pine tree has been there quite a long time. I'm not sure it is going to survive this. The next one is the one we heard the branches cracking off of. Sounded like gunshots at times.

Across the road from us, a tree has split and is laying across a power line. It just looks scary!
I hope everyone is someplace safe and warm.
I think we need to go get some more detergent before Mike can finish the laundry!