Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun times with Grace!

Well, I lost most of the previous post I was working on with wedding pictures, so I decided to try another one with pics of Miss Grace. Most of the pictures I had on the other one are on Granny's computer instead of mine and Taylor's camera instead of mine. Taylor is going to repost some of them for me and then I will blog about the wonderful wedding.

Anyway, Grace is always fun to tell about and show off. The first picture shown is when I decided to let her eat spaghetti all by herself. She was so very proud! It was a little messy, but she did manage to get most of it eaten.

The next one is just a cute picture of her one day when she was at the house. She is getting a little better about being still while we are snapping pictures. This one definitely shows off her beautiful blue eyes!
She loves her Uncle Tanner or T as she calls him. They played on this oversized bean bag for quite a while one evening when she was at the house. Good lookin' kiddos, aren't they?
Aunt Cathy and Megan were in for the wedding and the weekend. Taylor, Grace and I stayed at Mom's on Friday night and all day Saturday as well. We had a great day of relaxation and watching Grace entertain everyone. She always gets a prize from Atlanta when Aunt Cathy and Megan come to visit. Here she is putting on her new M&M costume. She looked adorable and there couldn't have been anything more appropriate to have come from them. I think Cathy lives on M&Ms!!!
Finally, Grace loved the dance floor at the wedding. She was on it even when no one else was. The lead singer in the band came out and danced with her during one of the songs. We had a hard time keeping Grace off the dance floor for the newlywed dance and the father/daughter dance. She just couldn't understand why she had to watch!
I have lots more pictures of Grace that I could share, but will save them for another time. When Taylor gets the wedding pictures re-posted, then I will tell more about the wedding! Just know that it was absolutely beautiful in a glorious setting! Congratulations to Hillary and Josh!!!


Leah said...

I can't wait to see more wedding pictures. I know it was beautiful.

Also...did I tell you how much I love that picture of Granny and Grace in the recliner? Adorable. Your mom is loving life in that picture!

Be sure you write on the back of it when you order it, so Grace will always know!