Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend of celebration and relaxing...

Friday night was the wedding that our family has been waiting for. It took place at Mt. Magazine State Park, the highest point in Arkansas. It was an aboslutely beautiful place for a wedding. I had never been there before, but hopefully will get a chance to go back someday.

Mike, Taylor, Grace and I went to Granny's in Alma around noon. Mike took his chainsaws and cut a bunch of limbs off some of her trees. Taylor, Grace and I made a quick trip to Ft. Smith to find shoes for Taylor. We only had to make one stop, Shoe Carnival, and we both ended up buying the same pair of brown shoes. I hope they will be comfortable enough to wear to school!
When we got back to Alma it was time to start getting ready. We were leaving at 4:30 and traveling in a caravan with Johnny, Pat and Granny Ima and Rick, Marcia and Alex. Johnny had been there before so we were counting on him to get us there. We got there with time to spare!

From the minute we walked into the lodge everything looked gorgeous. Her accent color was apple green and she had green apples in huge vases all over the place. It was definitely unique and absolutely gorgeous. I don't have any pictures of the decorations on my camera or computer, but will post some when I have access to them. They also had a photo booth set up in the reception area. Everyone was encouraged to have their pictures made. It took six poses and they cut three off for a scrapbook for Hillary and Josh and we got to keep the other three. What a great idea!

I had several pictures posted earlier and some how lost over half of what I had been posting. I still don't know what happened. However, Taylor has posted some of the same ones I had so you can go here to see them. The picture below is of the view that Hillary and Josh had while they were saying their vows. There are several other pictures on this blog that one of the bridesmaids posted.

After the wedding, we headed back to Granny's. Cathy and Megan had driven in from Atlanta for the wedding and the spend Saturday with Grace! Taylor, Grace and I spent the night at Granny's, too. Mike decided to head on home, not into hen parties! He had cut lots of branches off trees for Granny on Friday before we went to the wedding. He finished what he was planning to do so he didn't have anything to do there on Saturday anyway. That left just us girls for the whole night and all day on Saturday. Monica, Cathy's best friend, came down on Saturday morning and then Stephanie, my surrogate daughter, came down Saturday afternoon when she got off work. Granny Ima came up, as well, so we literally had a house full of women. We ate Pizza Parlour pizza, some of the best around, and CocaCola cake. Cathy had gone to Van Buren to get some sugar cookies from Paul's Bakery, too. They are a must have whenever the Geren's are in town just like the pizza. Anyway, we just sat around and visited and watched Grace while we snacked all day. Taylor, Grace, Stephanie and I headed home around 7:00 last night. Cathy and Megan have the long drive ahead of them today, all the way to Atlanta. It was a very quick trip for them, but it was great that they were able to come in for the wedding and another fun day of watching Grace entertain.

My best wishes and congratulations go out to the bride and groom! Looking forward to many more pictures of the happy event!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Now for some football!!