Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grace and Uncle 'T'

Finally! I have to say that I really dislike dial-up internet service! Where we live it is the only thing available. I have been trying for the last 2 hours to get these pictures to upload.

On Mondays we get to keep Grace so I usually try to get home as quickly as possible from school. Mike usually watches her until I can get in. Yesterday when I topped the curve headed to the house, I saw Mike on the tractor. I was a little surprised and thought maybe for some reason we were not going to have her. When I got to the driveway, though, Tanner's truck was there. When I walked into the house, this is how I found them. I don't know how Grace could have been very comfortable or how she even got to that position, but apparently they were both comfortable. I snapped both of these pictures, with flash, and neither of them moved a muscle! Aren't they just adorable!! I am soooo glad that Grace is so crazy about her Uncle 'T' and that he is equally crazy about her.

I hadn't been home very long, just long enough to take these pictures, when I remembered that I had forgotten to pick up my medicine. So, since they were sleeping, I jumped back in the car and ran to Wal Mart to get my medicine and a few necessities. I was gone for about an hour and when I got back they were still asleep. Their positions had changed but they didn't move. I got my clothes changed and was on the computer when Grace started stirring a little. I went and picked her up and then she slept on my shoulder. I just love to hold her while she is sleeping!!
After a little while she woke up and began to play a little. By the time Mike came in off the tractor she was going strong again. We ate a bite of supper, homemade chili (thanks honey) and hot dogs and settled in to watch Dancing with the Stars. Grace watched some and danced around a little bit. She was calling all the ladies Hillary! I guess she thought they were all wearing wedding dresses like she had seen Hillary in on Friday! She was going strong when Taylor came to get her at about 10:15. As soon as they left I hit the shower and fell into bed. It had definitely been Monday all day at work trying to get ready for parent/teacher conferences.
Today was our longest day of conferences. We had to work until 7:00. Tomorrow we have to stay until 6:00. I only have to conference with 10 kids, so I have quite a bit of down time. This afternoon, instead of getting ready for 2 upcoming special ed. conferences or grading papers, I read for about 2 hours! It was relatively quiet and I enjoyed every minute of it. I actually have enjoyed all the conferences I have had thus far this year. Of my 10 huddle students that I conference with, only 3 of them are my resource students. I have not been able to tell parents very often that their kids are proficient in math and literacy or even one or the other! It felt good to tell parents that today.
This had turned into a longer post than I intended. I am enjoying posting on this blog more than I thought I would. I'm not sure that is necessarily a good thing! Anyway, I'm off to finish watching Dancing, then to the shower and then to bed before another long work day tomorrow!
'Til next time...