Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Part 2

Now for the rest of the story! My computer seems to be running a little better today. You gotta love dial-up services!!

Grace has decided that she doesn't really like to have her picture made any more so we really have to be sneaky to get her to pose. It was just a fluke that I was able to get this one where she looks like she was posing. This was taken right after Taylor had gotten her dressed and before anyone else had gotten there. Complete outfit including shoes, which she didn't keep on for very long. Isn't she just a living doll???

Her papa and I got this little bookcase for her. I was going to be smart and get it all put together before Mike came in on Friday afternoon, but soon got in over my head! However, it was all out in the middle of the floor when he got in, so we had to get it put together before we could even enjoy the rest of the evening. Isn't it cute? It is really going to look good in her bedroom and then she will have her books at her disposal instead of up in her closet.

The invitations Taylor found were cupcakes and so she decided to get cupcakes instead of a cake. Didn't they turn out cute? They tasted great as well. Shelby Lynn's is the best!

Mike's mother flew in from Fort Worth on Friday to be here for the party but he didn't know she was here until he saw her at the party! She wanted to stay with Taylor and her family so she would have a lot of time with Grace so she didn't want us to tell him she was here. I went with Taylor to pick her up and then we had lunch at Guido's so she could see Tanner in action. We had a great afternoon and he never had a clue that she was here. He didn't really even believe his eyes when he saw her come out of the bedroom at Taylor's. It was pretty neat to be able to surprise him like that. She thoroughly enjoyed spending some good quality time with her special great granddaughter. I am really glad that she was able to come.

Grace's other grandparents bought her this little car. She really wanted to go crazy with it in the house, but we put it in a really small space so she was limited. She did enjoy the horn on it, though! Let me just say that she will definitely be traveling all over their yard when the weather gets warm enough.

Uncle T brought his 'girlfriend' Katie to the party. It was the first time we had all met her. She is pretty brave showing up in a crowd with all the family there! She seemed to be very sweet and we are looking forward to getting to know her better. This is uncharted waters for us, he hasn't had very many girlfriends! They make a pretty cute couple, though, don't they? Isn't he a handsome young man?

That's a pretty good recap of the big celebration. There were a lot of people there and Grace had a great time being the center of attention. She got lots of new spring clothes and several new movies. Now, maybe 'mommy mommy' , aka Mamma Mia, will get a break!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Until next time...