Thursday, February 26, 2009

More birthday celebrating...

February is a busy birthday month for the Nabors. We have a niece, Jeannie, who has a birthday on the 5th, Mike's mom's is on the 10th, Grace's is on the 21st and Taylor's is today! Wow!

The dispatch crew got this cookie cake for her with a balloon. They had chips, dip and some grapes out up there, too. They take care of each other up there when it comes to celebrations. I think it's just an excuse to eat junk food!

I had not gotten her anything for her birthday and was trying to decide what to do, when I remembered the Edible Arrangements. I went by there yesterday after school and ordered an arrangement for her. I thought about having it delivered, but then it dawned on me that if I did that, I wouldn't get any of it! I told the lady in there that I would just come by and pick it up. I thought about it all day and couldn't wait until time to go get it! It was all wrapped in plastic with a ribbon around the top. I was a little concerned about transporting it since I was by myself. She put it inside a cardboard box similar to the drink carriers some places have. It was very easy to travel with. Needless to say, she was surprised! As soon as she had time, we unwrapped it so I could get a picture of it. It was just about the neatest think I have seen in a while. I did manage to get a chocolate covered strawberry or two, a piece of pineapple and some grapes before I came home!

Anyway, if you need a unique gift idea for someone this is a pretty nice one. They have all kinds of arrangements to choose from.
I can't believe my little girl is getting so old!! How does it happen that my kids get older but I don't?


Taylor said...

Ok, that picture is so horrible. I'm seriously getting back on my diet tomorrow so I can say bye bye to that nasty double chin...

Thanks for my edible arrangement though!! I love it, and there's actually still some left!

Holly said...

Wow! That's awesome! A fruit bouquet! :O